Top 10 Pro Recording Resources

pro recording

pro recording

This article details the Top 10 Pro Recording Resources on the Internet.

1. 5 Pro Recording Tips by Angus Woodhead

This informative article gives some very helpful information on what to do before you press record.

2. The Pro Audio Files is a great pro recording website with a large variety of very educational articles that will help you become a better music producer.

3. The Recording Revolution

The 5 Minutes to a Better Mix series are worth the click alone.

4. Pro Sound Web is one of the most well respected pro recording resources around.

5. Sound on Sound is, with, one of the most well respected sites dedicated to pro recording on the Internet

6. Introduction to Music Production

This online course offered by Berklee College and taught by Loudon Stearns is an extremely educational look at the concepts and techniques of professional audio recording.

7. Digital Sound Design

Another online course, this time from Emory University, teaches the principles of digital sound design. Practically essential if you want to learn the art of digitally manipulating sound.

8. 10 Hallmarks of Amateur Recordings

This article on gives some very insightful lessons on how to turn your amateur recordings into pro recordings.


The forums are a great place to start for anyone wishing to learn more about pro recording.  This is a great resource for everyone from beginner to expert.

10. A Recording Engineer’s Guide to Professional Recording Tips What To Expect

This blog post on the Ultimate Guitar forums is a very informative and educational article on what to expect as a pro recording engineer.



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